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2024 Retreats


2024 Women’s Wellness Retreat

Neuschwanstein Wellness Escape: A journey into Germany’s Castles, Culture, and YOUR Confidence
Women's Sauna Retreat in Germany
Women's Sauna Retreat in Germany
29. Juni 2025, 17:00
Bavaria Sauna Retreat

Why Every Traveler Should Experience a European Sauna


Are you an adventurous traveler who loves to truly embrace local cultures and still believes in “off the beaten path” experiences?

Are you the kind of traveler who, of course, wants to see the top sights but also wants authentic transformative travel adventure that nurtures your mind, body, and soul? 

Then let us introduce you to the world of European Sauna Culture! 

If you love to travel and are eager to immerse yourself in the local wellness culture, then you are about to experience a whole different side of European travel!

And while you may have sat in a gym sauna before, the world of European Saunas is next level and can be daunting for even the most ambitious and open minded travelers! From all the unspoken sauna etiquette to the whole “nude” terrifying aspect of it. 

And yes, it’s true, many Saunas and Thermes in Europe are nude only. And that IS Terrifying! In fact, many people close the door on the entire idea as soon as they hear that. 

Which is exactly why we’ve made Sauna Adventures for anyone who is even slightly open minded to why this cultural phenomenon is so popular across Europe.


We want everyone, no matter their financial position, to learn about the benefits of the entire European Sauna culture so that you can be inspired on your next trip to take the plunge!

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