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The Team

Sauna Adventures was born from our deep passion for wellness and the transformative power of sauna therapy. With years of experience in health, travel, and storytelling, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating impactful experiences that promote well-being and connection.

Despite the growing interest in wellness, we noticed that many people are missing out on the full benefits of sauna culture due to a lack of accessible, high-quality information and experiences. Their stories of rejuvenation and healing are going untold.

That’s why we created Sauna Adventures: to help individuals navigate their wellness journey through authentic sauna experiences, expert guidance, and a supportive community. Our mission is to make the profound benefits of sauna therapy accessible to all, empowering you to live a healthier, more balanced life.


Leanna Brown

Leanna lives and breathes Germany.

Cofounders of Sauna Adventures, Morgan and LeAna live and breathe European sauna culture! LeAnna leads a monthly "Sauna Sammstich" in Germany, a local female club dedicated to social and wellness activities through sauna visits. 

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Morgan Fielder

Morgan was born to guide you (through heat) on your path.

Morgan, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, has spent years studying the benefits of heat therapy and knows from first hand experience the mental and physical benefits of saunas and thermal baths!

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