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Unlock the secrets to AUTHENTIC self-care on your next vacation.

Join fellow adventurous women who beat imposter syndrome for incredible wellness journeys. 

Travel gurus won't tell you this.

I know I was.

Incredible Thermal Spa Experiences. Phenomenal Confidence. 


Authentic Self Care.

Before My German Sauna Experience, I Had SO MANY Questions


Yes, I was so excited.

But since I had never been to a nude sauna before, I was also OVERWHELMED.

What I was worried about:
  • HOW to deal with the nudity

  • MISSING OUT on some really fun self-care rituals because I didn’t know about it

  • getting LOST

  • not speaking the LANGUAGE

  • being NAKED & not showing up with the right towels or bathrobes

  • cultural MISHAPS that might make me be embarrassed

  • getting OVERWHELMED and not knowing what to do

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A Resource That Will Remove All Doubts, Questions, And Fears

Don't Stress. We Have the Answers.

Join countless other travelers who have discovered the European sauna experience themselves with our help.

 Download our Sauna Culture Crash Course now and start your journey to ultimate relaxation.

This is the quick quide I wish I had 10 years ago.

Built by American Expats

Through our personal experience in Germany, Austrian, Italian and Swiss spa and the hundreds of hours we have spent researching the “ins and outs” of nude sauna (ps, you have read my 101 tips, right?) We’ve prepared this crash course to answer the most common questions that first-time sauna goers have.


There are no written rules at a Saunahof or Thermal Bath in Europe! However, there IS an unspoken way of doing things! We will teach you all of the “Sauna Etiquette” and “rules” so that you can confidently walk into one and fit right in!


Chances are, if you are anything like the 91% of women (and 85% of men!) who have ever felt embarrassed, ashamed, or nervous about their body, the idea of a nude sauna may be the last thing you want to do.

We’ll help ensure that you feel safe and confident that exploring the European Sauna culture actually BOOSTS your confidence and appreciation for your own body image.

Authentic Europe

If you love to travel and are eager to immerse yourself in the local wellness culture, then you are about to experience a whole different side of European travel!  

This is what I wish I had when I was a beginner!

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We're here to remove the unknown, the doubts & the fear of missing out.

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Let us help.

We’ll answer the questions you have and the questions you don’t even know you have.

Hi there! We’re Leanna and Morgan, creators of Sauna Adventures, American expats and moms. We have found the experience of German (and other) sauna spas to be empowering, especially for body image and confidence. Not to mention the health benefits and relaxation!

But it wasn’t that long ago that a nude sauna was just a dream to both of us.

And we admit it. It’s overwhelming.

Nude Sauna - Co-ed Sauna - Intimidating!

We created this Guide to answer the questions that all first-timers have.


We are two women who are simultaneously passionate about authentic travels as well as Woman’s Wellness. We want to show you how to see a different side of Europe- one that is both relaxing and beneficial to your health- without spending a fortune!

Ready to Take the Plunge (Pool)?
Don't Miss Out!  Download Guide here 👎

What You'll Get

Our Traveler's Guide is here to help you navigate the unique customs and practices of saunas across Europe, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable all while have a relaxing, respectful, and locally authentic experience!


Insider Tips

Discover the best practices for different countries, whether it's Germany, Italy, or Hungary, and avoid any embarrassing faux pas.

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Financial Savings

You thought wellness centers meant luxury travel, didn’t you!? What if I told you that you could have luxurious FEELING trips and vacations but at a shockingly low price when you know how to embrace the public saunas in Europe.

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A New Way Of Exploring Local Culture:

As cliche as “off the beaten path travel” may be, there are still ways to explore a truly authentic side of traveling.


Free Bonus: Secret Austrian Spa Checklist

Our expertly curated workbook of off-the-beaten path Austrian Therme Hotels with natural hot springs and saunas to have the best vacation. 


Maximized Travel Potential

Understand how to make the most of the amenities, from thermal hot springs to luxurious massages and body scrubs.

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Etiquette Cheat Sheet

A quick printable to bring with you on your travels so you'll never make an embarrassing faux pas.

What people are saying


 "Before going to the saunas in Baden-Baden with LeAnna, I was terrified to show my naked body in front of anyone. LeAnna was patient and kind, reassuring me every step of the way. Within just an hour, I was hooked! The empowering feeling from seeing so many people confident in their own bodies gave me the confidence to appreciate mine much more!"


Joining Morgan and LeAnna at their retreat in Lindau was life-changing! I had never been to a sauna before, let alone a nude one. Experiencing the sauna culture wasn’t even on my radar. Having Morgan and LeAnna teach us each step of the way was a huge relief and gave me the confidence to explore saunas on my own!


“It's impossible to believe, but now I'm hooked on sauna.  Getting into cold plunging too and it really helps my skin and body confidence.”

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is perfect for anyone planning to visit European saunas, whether you're a first-timer or an experienced sauna-goer looking to deepen your understanding of European sauna culture.

Yes, you can access the course on any device with an internet connection, including your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Normally $97, Today only $7
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